Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

We've been decking the halls this week.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a nativity. This was the first bit of Christmas in our house and traditionally will be the last to come down. I've had this one for over 22 years. Mark wants to buy a "real" one. This is real as far as I'm concerned. The boys like it. I like it. Mark, you are overruled LOL

We pulled out all the decorations. We have enough for at least five different trees should we ever desire to have the Sports Tree, the Hallmark aka Kids Tree, the Red Tree (which we have up this year), the Blue Tree, and the Angel (not the Anaheim Angel) Tree. Because I never know which tree we're doing from year to year it means we pull out all the boxes LOL I've had boxes lining up my entry hall all week.

This year a star is topping our tree...we have an angel too that goes with the red decorations.

The tree all lit up. This year's tree is a Douglas Fir and came to us from Klamath Falls. So we may not live in Oregon any more but we continue to do our part to support its economy LOL

Our St. Helens Ash ornament...have to have a bit of home on the tree.

This ornament was given to me by my mother-in-law early in our marriage...if not that first Christmas...and it has been my favorite for years. There is something about the "Victorian" look to it along with the dove. Love it. Our tree wouldn't be the same without it.

Part of my Santa collection. These big Santas stay out year round much to Mark's eye rolling.

Mark keeps telling me he's going to build a shelf in the den for them to get them out of the family room. I love having them out all year but if they were easier to pack away after each holiday season I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Mark actually started me along this collection path with that Santa on the left with the list. I've collected Santa stuff for years but that one Santa started the large ones and was the epiphany that I had in fact been collecting them since about 1987.

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