Monday, November 17, 2008


Today, Ian's class released their butterflies.

Robbie "reading" about butterflies while we waited for everyone to arrive at school. Once everyone had arrived but before we took the butterflies out to release them, Mrs. Clausen assigned the "jobs" of the day to the students - she got to the end and Robbie piped up with, "What about me, teacher?" Guess someone is ready for school LOL

The butterflies in class. The PM class was lucky enough to have all five caterpillars go from larvae to butterflies though it was a near thing with one of them.

Outside, waving good-bye to one of the butterflies. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch one actually leaving the little net cage. Ian is so funny with his hand motion that he does whenever he's excited - he could barely contain himself!

This butterfly flew out of the cage to land on the ground. The kids watched for a few minutes but it didn't lift off so Mrs. Clausen put it on the branch and it stuck around for quite a while.

One of the butterflies resting on a nearby bush. This was such a fun experiment that I'm thinking it would be good to do as a family in the spring.

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Lynn Boyle said...

That was so cool happy for Ian he's enjoying school so much. I wish i could hear Robbie talk.. Yes it would be a fun project for the family to do, let me know when you try and we'll try them at the same time to see if it works then the older boys can write down the differences in climate and how they develop etc etc.