Monday, November 24, 2008

Award Assembly

This morning was the award assembly for Cam and Alex's Honor Roll. Unfortunately, Cam is fighting a cold...he developed a bad cough yesterday so he stayed home.

Alex accepting his award from the Vice Principal. I actually took a ton of photos but in an effort to protect identities in this crazy online world I like to blot out faces - takes a lot of time! - which is why there is only one posted here.

Alex showing off his award. Way to go Alex...we are SO proud of you! Keep up the good work.


Charlene said...

Hey Big Al,
Wow - look at that certificate. Have Mom or Dad frame it for you then you can hang it on your wall. Hmmm, I wonder how many framed certificates you will be able to hang? Do you think you can fill the whole wall? Bet you can.
Love Nana
PS Still love you more

Lynn Boyle said...

Great job Alex, Cam sorry you were sick.. We don't get awards ceremonies this year, Tanner made the a-b honor roll.(they don't have anything like that in elem. with jake but he gets awards often for his work stuff. that darn Art teacher Mr. potter gave Tanner a nasty B LOL.i think it's great they both are on honor roll i think it's a bigger accomplishment in Nevada than here since your schools are so much better than ours.. keep up the great work boys