Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party Part One

Today was Ian's Halloween Party at school...Robbie was able to participate too.

The afternoon started like it usually does with their little welcome song. Instead of calling each child up by name, the kids went up based on their costume. Each had the chance to talk about what they were wearing and why.

Robbie the Dragon. He didn't participate in the greeting but watched from the sidelines.

Then every one lined up so they could parade around the playground to the audience of parents and day care kids.

At the end of the parade we got a class photo.

Ian checking out the caterpillar to butterfly experiment.

Ian and Robbie. The sandals were my concession to the heat. All our costumes are winter ones.

One of the party games outside.

After playing outside, everyone came in for snacks - aka party food - and then it was time for everything to come to an end. The afternoon wrapped up with a story.

Fun stuff!

So even if we don't do anything exciting on Friday Ian and Robbie got a little celebrating in today.

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