Thursday, October 30, 2008

Field Trip to the Natural Museum

Today I went with Cam's class to the Natural Museum on their first field trip of the year. I had a great bunch of kids in my group and was able to enjoy the experience as well.

Who knew we had a state fossil? I certainly didn't LOL

Tomorrow is Nevada Day...celebrating the day Nevada became a state - October 31, 1864 - Nevada Day is presently a state holiday recognized on the last Friday in October with the parade on the Saturday following.

Learn something new everyday!

Anyway...back to the Natural Museum. We started out the tour in the Dinosaur room (see the fossil picture above) followed by the Marine room. These are shark eggs...if you look closely you can see the shadows of the live baby sharks. How stinkin' cool is that?!

A reef pool with sharks, rays, etc. There was one shark that kept coming up out of the water at the edges wherever someone was standing to "beg" for food.

My little group of kids in the Animal Family room checking out the cats. The bob cat in front of Cam is actually reaching for a butterfly. The kids were all a bit grossed out when they realized these had been real, live animals at one point. Yay...taxidermy LOL

The Nevada Diorama room...had to get a shot of the rams for Mark LOL

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