Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A busy Halloween week

Halloween just isn't the same since moving here.

  1. Don't know the neighbors well enough to do the whole trick or treat thing...much to the boys' disappointment. Plus this year it seems we have more vacant houses than not.
  2. I've never been a huge Halloween fan anyway so tend not to put out the effort to go somewhere like a mall.
  3. The school doesn't put out a directory so we can't even plan a small party with a few friends.
  4. This year GES isn't doing their Halloween party...budget cuts.
Need to pull out the costumes tonight and see what fits who. Who wants to be what, etc. I haven't bought any costumes since St. Helens...see reason #2 above...though I may need to do something for Cam as I doubt anything will fit him this year!

(And, yes, that picture to the right is my only concession to Halloween decorating...four little ceramic jack-o-lanterns sitting in the alcove by our front door.)

Ian's class will be having a Halloween party on Wednesday. I need to bake up two dozen sugar cookies today that hopefully won't get mooched by the moochers and actually make it to school tomorrow...as it is the dough I made yesterday (so all I had to do today was roll, cut, bake) has been mooched on and I'm not sure if there's enough for the two dozen! They'll be having a little costume parade so there should be some cute photos tomorrow evening.

Cam and Alex's school does however celebrate Halloween by doing a costume parade through the playground and most classes then have individual parties. This year this is happening on Thursday for Cam and Alex. In addition, Cam has a field trip Thursday that I'm chaperoning. So I decided to spend the whole day at the school...Mark will work from home so he can be with the other two...and will help out at Alex's class party. So we should have lots of photos coming soon.

All the boys are out of school on Friday (aka Halloween) because of Nevada Day. The paper here ran an article last week that had some party ideas so I decided since we don't do any of the other Halloween stuff we'd have our own little party here. The boys and I will make up some Mummy Dogs, Bones with Blood dipping sauce, Pumpkin Brownies, Ants on a Log, and Grandma's Green Jello Salad (because green's a good Halloween color LOL). We'll likely have a cheese fondue too (thanks to Nana's recipe which has became a huge favorite) and we'll enjoy some Blood Cocktails (Shirley Temples LOL). I'll be sure to take a picture or two of the spread!

If Mark is off Friday, I hope we'll get out to do something even if it's just a movie. The boys need to put together a list of movies, games, etc. for us to do Friday night...should be fun.

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Tanya said...

There are countless things to do on Halloween.