Friday, September 19, 2008


It's kinda been one of those weeks. After the emotion of my trip to Oregon the rest of the week's been anticlimactic. Mark, having to make up some time because of Monday and Tuesday, has had to go in to work early...leaving the house around 6 am (5:30 this morning) leaving me to fumble a bit through the things I missed because I'd been gone. Like poor Ian not having a sharing item for school today...that's what happens when info comes home and Mom's gone so doesn't see said info. Aww well, next month.

Crossing my fingers that we go out to dinner tonight. A local deli is supporting the boys' school by giving the school 20% of tonight's sales. As Mark loves the place...I haven't been yet...I hope it's an easy sale LOL I so don't feel like making and/or eating tacos which is what's on the menu calendar for tonight's dinner!

Yeah...well so much for dinner. One of the lovely dears got into Mark's Pepsi and wasted an entire (brand new, unopened) 2 liter bottle into the carpet. Mommy so not happy. Dad, well Dad was ready to string the lot of them up especially after they'd polished off two new boxes of fruit snacks and a package of gum on top of the Pepsi. Not a good evening in the Meyer house.

Now that the heat is below 100 during the day, I hope we can get out to the parks on weekends...definitely on my list for tomorrow to heck with cleaning the house!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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