Sunday, August 17, 2008


I guess when you get caught in the same o' same o' of day to day living you don't blog...well I don't apparently.

I finished school shopping yesterday. Cam's list was so stinkin' long and included things like dry erase markers that I just know I was buying more teacher supplies than student! None of the lists are complete nor will they be. Between Cam, Alex, Ian, a few household supplies, and a few groceries I spent just under $200 yesterday at Wal-mart! Still need to get new shoes for Cam and Alex as the ones we bought during Spring Break are falling apart. As crazy as it seems to spend money on name brands, of the four pairs of shoes I bought while we were in Oregon only Ian's Nikes have held up. Thankfully, none of the boys need much in the way of school clothing.

Talked to the pastor today about getting Ian and Robbie Baptised. With us in kinda church hoping mode when they were born it never got done. Mark and I need to meet with the pastor to go over details and will hopefully do that this week. So Aunt Julie, at the very least, needs to let us know when she has vacation!

Swimming lessons are done. Cam will move up to Level 4 next session...probably the spring as they don't use the outdoor pool in the fall/winter. Alex was passed to move on to Level 4 but I'll have him repeat Level 3 to perfect his skills. Ian and Robbie will take a lesson this fall...Ian in Level 1 and Robbie in another Parent N Me class. I'm really impressed with the improvements I saw in Alex and Ian! Alex who wouldn't even get in the pool two years ago for lessons was able to go straight into Level 2. Ian who was afraid when he couldn't touch bottom was able to sink to the bottom of the pool and spring up to break the surface without fear.

Cam has elected not to play soccer but wants to take golf so I'll be seeing if I can get him in lessons this fall.

Alex hopes to play soccer. We need to go to player ranking tomorrow and see about getting him completely signed up.

Well, Mark is trying to get us all out of the house for something so I'll try and post again soon!

And a special Thank You to Lynn over at Scrappin' Fun for the "Blogging Friends Forever" award!

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