Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonderful World

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

Good stuff!


Charlene said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Cam & Alex - YAHOO - that a way to go boys. I'm going to be mailing a gift to all 4 boys today so be on the lookout for it - maybe Sat.
Sherri, I LOVED the Wonderful World Hawaiian rendition. I had never heard it before & it was wonderful. I always tear up whenever I hear the song & this time was no different. Seeing the pic of the 4 boys together that you took last yr after u moved in makes me think that Nana had better get on the ball & go buy some new summer outfits so another pic can be taken in the same place & then we can compare how much they have all grown since last summer. Ya'll try to stay cool.
Love you.

Em said...

LOVE this song! Love the man-have his CD. Way to go Cam and Alex! I am so proud of both of you! Maicie looks up to both of you and I will tell her how smart you both are!
Sherri-great idea about mom and me classes, I was thinking about that when Maicie got older because it gives her good one on one time
love you guys! hope all is well! don't melt down there, wish it were warmer here!