Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Day of School

Tuesday was the lead up to the last day of school:

The third graders had an assembly to give out the final awards for academics and attendance. Cam was once again on the A-B Honor Roll...YAY Cam! (We had missed the presentation for the 2nd trimester due to our Spring Break trip.) I got a few better pictures this time 'round because it was just the third grade classes so a smaller number of people and as you can see I was able to actually go up to where Cam was sitting after the assembly to get this picture.

I had to scoot over to Alex's class for the Kindergarten program. They sang and danced for us before their teacher handed out the "diplomas" and memory books. The teachers did a slide presentation with pictures of the kids from the year...why they was very cool. The kids hadn't seen it before so they keep pointing "there's me" or "that's X" and it was so cute. The presentation was set to "Wonderful World" by that Hawaiian singer which always brings tears to my of these days I'm going to find myself a copy of it!

Today was the last day of school and as tradition stands...I picked the boys up.

The day was mostly a fun day...clean out the desks, watch a movie, kill time LOL ~ The only real reason for anyone to go today was to get their final report card!

Afterwards, the boys and I went to see Prince Caspian. Cam had finally finished reading the book over the weekend so we hit the theater before Mark had to go to work and could be home with the younger two.

Summer plans...still up in the air as we're waiting on Mark's vacation request. Still planning a trip up to Oregon and hoping for a trip to Disneyland this summer. The boys are all scheduled for swimming lessons at the end of July and first part of August. The first two weeks I'll do a Mom and Me class with Ian then the second two I'll do the class with Robbie while Cam and Alex take a total of four weeks. I've signed Alex up for a reading program that will run from July 25th through August 22nd. I'm still debating about a pre-preschool program for Ian as he missed going to preschool this last year. If I do it'll run from July 21st through August 27th.

We won't know which track the boys will have for the new school year until the end of June but we're working with the likelihood of school starting for Cam and Alex on August 25th. I believe Ian's preschool starts the Wednesday after Labor Day but need to confirm that.

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