Monday, June 23, 2008


Journaling: Like any first time mother, as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Cam; I read all the books. I researched natural childbirth. I learned about childproofing our home; I was told to get down on the floor, on my belly, and see what might attract a baby. EWW...who knew it was so dirty under that desk! Those cords...a teething dream come true! So we, as good parents should, invested in locks for the drawers and cabinets. We bought gates for the top and bottom of the stairs. We tamed all those cords and plugged all the outlets. We were set... Yeah, right...four boys later: They've all had stitches before or during Kindergarten. They've all fallen down the stairs. They've all gotten around the locks on drawers and cabinets (by moving furniture or braking the locks) to climb on the counters just to bypass those locks. They've all gotten into scissors to cut each other's hair. And Sharpie markers...the boys are attracted to them like magnets! It doesn't matter where we've hidden, stashed, or locked them. We were warned about the cords on blinds being a straggle danger...who knew the rods to adjust the blinds make such great swords! An innocent laundry basket has turned in to a reach those things high up in the closet (you know the things that aren't suppose to be reached). Even our clothes aren't safe...leather belts are whips (Thanks Indy). The belts to robes get used as reins while a younger brother rides an older one. Dressers next to beds become cliffs to jump from. And not to be forgotten are the open bookshelves and entertainment unit that are climbed just because they are there! This all leads me to believe...whoever it was that came up with CHILDPROOF wasn't raising boys! (But at least no one has been electrocuted, straggled, or poisoned...yet!)

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