Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

You never get over being a child as long as you have mother to go to. ~Sarah Orne Jewett

My weekend started with lunch at the boys' school. No one taking pictures...just lunch. Because Mark was working I had all the boys with me and Robbie was more inclined to run off to the play structure than sit and have lunch...and I brought pizza for heaven's sake LOL

Saturday, I treated myself to a pedi...

This morning, I woke to Robbie yelling "Pepsi" at 5:41 am and had visions of a bowl of sugary sweet cereal swimming in a healthy bit of Pepsi and a sprinkling of sugar for breakfast in bed for me LOL thank heavens.

At church, the boys helped pass out roses to all the moms...I almost grabbed my camera LOL We came home and Mark fixed one of his omelet and hash-brown breakfasts for me.

Wishing all you mom's a Happy Mother's Day!

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