Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stuff and more stuff...

Medical Updates:
Ian...ended up removing two of his stitches and partially removing a third. To heck with going in to the doctor...I removed the last ones myself. Just like his brothers, he'll have a nice little scar on his eyebrow. I think Mark's joke about the kids and him creating the cross with their scars is covered now {rolling eyes as only a mom can do here LOL}
Me...for the most part I feel the elbow has healed. The arm is still a bit weaker than I'm completely happy with and I have pain when I twist it suddenly.

Grounding Updates:
Cam is still grounded...currently till May 11th. It's having absolutely no effect on the attitude issue that landed him the extra weeks. He still complains about going to church where the other three are excited to go and want to start Sunday school.
Alex is still grounded...currently till April 28th. And yet he was caught climbing the fence again. He missed school yesterday because he couldn't/wouldn't find a school shirt.
Both boys continue to fail at keeping their rooms clean. Mark has gone through both rooms at least once if not twice in the last two weeks and came out with large garbage bags of stuff...some of which is in the donate box, some in the garage to be sorted, and more than I care to think about went out with the trash yesterday morning.

Ian and Robbie Updates:
Ian has become and rivals Alex as a food mooch. I've lost count of the amount of food that has gone missing from the kitchen. While frustrating in and of itself, the real problem is that he won't eat at meal times and is fast becoming pickier than Cam.
Robbie, is cute and being the typical 2 year old. He has a set of lungs on him so there's no worry that he won't be heard over his brothers!

Mark Update:
Mark is loving the E&D Department. He has more opportunities to telecommute which with today's gas prices is awesome. We heard today that there are some layoffs coming down the pike at GES...mostly in other cities...but Mark was assured that the E&D Department wouldn't be making any cuts. Due to some shifting of shows, Mark may have to travel next year. Not sure what all that means right now but of course neither of us are thrilled with the prospect.

House Update:
Mark has finished painting all but the downstairs bath. The upstairs is done except for the kids rooms and bath. The two bathrooms are on the list for this weekend. My goal is to get my scrap area under control LOL actually I've made a pretty good start on it and after all it's kind of become my office. All in all, it's feeling a bit more like home.

Scrapafrass Update:
I'm in the process of loading more handcrafted items and a few more idea books. Jill and I are hard at work creating more cards. Jill is also trying to focus on page kits while I'm trying to focus on pre-made pages. We're gearing up for National Scrapbook Day (NSD)...May 3rd...with a month long celebration. We're kicking things off with a huge sale and then having different "deal of the day" promotions each day. It should be fun. We were hoping to host a NSD crop but weren't able to come up with a venue for it plus locally we would be competing with an Expo and all the crops hosted by other stores. I'm going to start working toward something for next year tho'.

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Lynn Boyle said...

glad to hear your elbow is getting better... hang in there. there's always the light at the end of the tunnel.