Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This and That

My Easter blooming Christmas Cactus. Actually, this is the first year it's bloomed since the year I bought it at Christmas time so I'm just happy to see flowers!

Robbie being just too stinkin' cute while watching cartoons the other morning. Playing with the tag...it's such a Robbie thing to do!

Ian being a ham...he's started flashing this cheesy grin any time he sees me with the camera LOL...while watching cartoons the other morning.

Alex, lending a helping hand! I can ask Alex to do just about anything to help out around the house and he'll do it, correctly the first time...he'll complain the entire time but it gets done.

The camera thief was at it again this morning. As I'm uploading pictures from the camera what should appear but a dozen photos of cars LOL

Cam is MIA as getting pictures of him gets harder every year...he's got better things to do than put up with paparazzi Mom!

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