Friday, October 19, 2007

Learning responsibility

Alex didn't go to school today...why? Because he couldn't find his school shoes.

I've tried to get the boys into the habit of laying out their clothes before going to bed...but it's a hard one for me so I'm not the best role model for the habit. Because Alex goes to school later in the day, I've not pushed it too much with him though I tell him at 11am to set his clothes out so he can change after lunch. Mark and I have talked till we're blue about putting clothes and shoes and backpacks and toys and well just about everything away. Shoes are a real sore point because someone is always looking for his shoes as we're trying to get out the door.

Case in got dressed. Then proceeded to goof around then at 12:30 I'm reminding him again to get his shoes on...Alex of course can't find them. If the kids didn't grow out of their shoes so stinking fast I'd have no problem with the boys having a couple pairs of school shoes as it is we can't afford to be buying two pairs of shoes that are only for school (they can't wear sandals to school). We have to leave the house at 12:40 to get to school on time. By 12:45 Ian and Robbie were in the car waiting and still no shoes on Alex. By 12:50 I'd pulled Robbie and Ian out of the car and sent Alex upstairs to clean his room and find his shoes (that should have been in his closet ready to go!) It was about 2:15 when Alex came downstairs with his shoes...and by that time both Robbie and Ian had fallen asleep on me and there was only about an hour left of school anyway.

Then when the kids were home from school Alex figured he'd go outside and play...AH NO. The school called to say he wasn't in school and that I needed to be sure to send a note when he returns. AH YEAH and that note is going to state exactly why he missed school...lesson learned I hope.

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