Sunday, October 14, 2007

A birthday weekend...

Cam turned 9 years old today...where oh where has the time gone?

Originally, he wanted us to go to Sea World for his birthday but that'll need to wait for another year. It's hard to do parties for him because it's new enough in the school year that we don't know all his school friends and this year of course we aren't even near family.

So we took cupcakes o school on Friday.

After school Friday we took the boys and neighbor friend, Ryan, to Adventure-dome at Circus Circus as a bit of a birthday celebration for Cam. We ended up going out for pizza afterwards because the Halloween program cut our time short.

Cam opened presents after breakfast. Afterwards, Mark took Cam and Alex miniature golfing.

SpongeBob was the theme of most of his presents and he couldn't be happier!

Dinner was a going to be a quiet affair with just the family. Hamburgers and a baseball cake were Cam's requests. The evening ended up a bit crazy as Cam, spur of the moment, invited two neighbor boys to dinner and cake...good thing we had enough food but it was a near thing with 6 boys plus Mark and I LOL

My attempt at a baseball cake LOL it tasted good at any rate. This was the only picture I got of the cake because Robbie grabbed the frosting as soon as I snapped it! Cam got phone wishes from Grandma & Grandpa and Nana & Papa. Tomorrow he gets to write thank you notes.


Marilyn said...

Those are great pictures.

It looks and sounds like Cam had a good birthday celebration even if family and close older friends were not there. Certainly we were all thinking of him on his special day.

It looks like he got a Sponge Bob haul. And he looks HAPPY!

We enjoyed talking with him and finding out how he is adjusting to the move. It's nice that he has found a couple of friends in your area.

You did a great job on the baseball cake, Sherri. How did it taste?

Lynn said...

Wow,,, what great pictures! I just love those cupcakes he brought in to school. I bet they were a hit. As for hits.... I love your baseball cake! I think it came out awesome. Great job.

Adventure Dome is great for a kids party. There is a lot to do there for smaller kids I think. Mine are too old now.

BTW---- just a little note to you. My sister said that she got pumpkins the other day with my niece and they were 25 cents a lb. Good luck with the pumpkin picking.