Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answering a few comments...

Marilyn said...
Those pictures are priceless!I saw the "devil" in Ian's eyes. He sure was excited about this venture.Do you think Alex did a self portrait or was there another body behind the camera? I sure am enjoying your blog. It makes me feel you are right here.We miss you all.Love, Mom & Dad

***It was a self portrait...Cam was at school. Alex is wearing non school cloths and I can tell by the light coming in the window that it was late morning. And the one picture has Ian’s PJ clad ankles in it. So I’m guessing the train photo shoot happened right after breakfast and the self portrait happened when they returned the camera before lunch when I might actually notice it mssing from the counter. The goofballs...too smart for their own good.

Charlene said...
That's my boy. Anyone who can climb a door frame with no help surely can take a self-portrait "without Mom knowing". Ian looks like he is definitely enjoying learning new things from his big brother.Hmmmm...wonder what Cam has up his sleeves to outdo his brother?Be sure & tell the photo culprit, Alex, that Nana still "loves you more."Miss you guys.Love,Mom & Dad

***Aside from Cam’s attitude he really doesn’t seem to have much up his sleeves...course it could just be the calm before the storm. Alex says no way Nana...he loves you way more.

Charlene said...
Good photo showing the wet cloths flying thru the air. Hope you had enough left in the box for Robbie's little butt. It was Mark's brilliant idea to do the child & box & stairs.Which one of the little darlings came up with this brilliant idea? Did they decide to do build a snowman too? Did they also try to create an angel in the snow? There's never a dull moment when you are raising all boys. Mark I think I can honestly now say your boys have beat you & your brothers.Love you guys,Mom

***Enough wipes were left to last until the next shopping day LOL Never a dull moment and rarely a quiet one either...speaking of which, the house just got deathly quiet. I’m guessing Alex was the one behind the “snowballs” and Mark denies everything.

Charlene said...
I'm assuming that my grandson made it to the bottom without any casualties? Gee Mark you've been there now 4 weeks - aren't you on a first name basis yet at the ER? I'm also assuming that as soon as Ian told his brothers about this brilliant idea that they had to try it too?Love Mom

***Yes Ian made it safely to the bottom of the stairs and actually didn’t say a word to big brothers. Thus far Mark is the only one to go to the ER...he got Bursitis during the move.

Off to check on the boys...too quiet.


Anonymous said...

In responce to my defense,


Love Dad

Sherri said...

Give it up Mark...

Love you!

Charlene said...

To my wonderful first born son, I have a comment for you:

Love & miss you,
Your favorite mother - who you, now repeat after me, adore & think the world of & would not trade for anything.