Friday, August 24, 2007

The Move

Mark arrived the afternoon of Friday, August 3rd. The two of us spent the rest of the day packing up the duplex. Not the most fun way to spend the time after being apart for almost 2 months LOL

Saturday morning we picked up the rental truck and loaded up the duplex. Spent that night with my parents. Early Sunday morning, Mark and my nephew Ryan went out to the storage unit to start loading...I spent the morning cleaning up the duplex for the next people (oh so fun).

The loaded truck...wahoo!

Saying our good-byes...lots and lots of tears, a few laughs and a ton of hugs.

The Cousin Ladder: Ryan, Helena, Jeremy, Cam, Alex, Ian and Robbie (missing Proctor, who would fall between Helena and Jeremy)

The boys with baby Maicie.

Ready to hit the road. Ian got to ride in the big truck with Dad first.

It was quite the adventure. The boys all wanted to ride in the truck with Dad...had the older three on a rotation LOL We ended up leaving the Portland area a lot later than we planned or even hoped for and ended up stopping for the night around Boise rather than the planned Twin Falls. The speed limit was slowed down by the loaded truck, I'm sure we could have made much better time in just the van...good to know for future trips.

My view for most of the trip LOL

The FIRST sign for Las Vegas (well actually the 5th or 6th by the time I got the shot LOL) in Salt Lake City.

Because of Monday's late start, we had a long, long day on Tuesday and arrived in Las Vegas about 10pm. I must say it's every bit as impressive to drive into Las Vegas as fly at night. The valley stretched out in front of you and lights as far as the eye can see. I woke Alex up and pointed out the sights (such as I knew them) as we drove through the city. Our house is on the south side of the city about 15-20 from the Strip so we had about an hour of driving through the city LOL

Exhausted, we just took in the house what we needed for sleeping and crashed.

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