Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day out at the beach

It's built up quite a bit since the last time I was there (see the houses in the background?) but it has remained uncrowded. It felt as though we were the only ones that. It was quite the process to find the place again after 10-15 years LOL I had a vague idea of what the turn off looked like. I was fairly sure of the name. After a couple hours comparing between street maps and Google Earth...I found what I was as sure as I could be the beach I was after. Happily it was. Happy Camp Road outside of Netarts...with a sandbar giving the beach some shelter from the ocean, a perfect place for a lone Mom to take four wild boys. I was able to enjoy the beach too. We all got more sun than we thought. I was so concerned about Robbie's baby skin and Ian's previously burned therefore like baby skin that I slacked off on the rest of us. Poor Alex has some blisters on his shoulders. Bad Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Omgoodness! Look at those cute little red heads! ADORABLE! By the way, you won the drawing for the kit on my blog, so I need your address :)