Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whirling Wednesday

Sorry for the blog silence.

Soon after returning from our vacation I found out I'd run out of image space here on the ol' blog. I did a quick sweep and deleted duplicates, old headers, etc. but am still dangerously close to the free storage max. I'm left with a challenge.
  • Do I delete the images from the older posts, say from 2007 through 2009?
  • Do I pull the images, re-size them smaller, and re-post?
  • Do I bite the bullet and PAY for extra storage?
  • Do I call it a good run and wrap the blog up?
I suspect, whichever way I go, things will be very quiet around here until after school starts again when I'll actually have time to tweak things.

Speaking of school...

The school supplies have been bought with the exception of new backpacks. Hair cuts are on tap for this weekend. I need to do a final inventory to make sure everyone has appropriate clothing (3 of the 4 have to wear 'standard attire') and fill any gaps.

Then we have Back to School Day for Cam at middle school so he can get his locker assignment and class schedule. Seventh's hard to believe.

The following day is a parent only Kinder orientation for Robbie. My baby :whine: Can I just say this is completely bittersweet? I'm excited for him and this next stage but he's the last one to head off to school. A part of me is looking forward to the 3 hours of quiet I'll have each afternoon yet I think that's going to wear off sooner than I expect, LOL

Finally, we'll have the general orientation at the elementary school for all 3 boys to meet their teachers, drop off supplies, and all that fun stuff.

And Monday, August 29th, school is back in session :throws confetti:


Maria Zannini said...

I can already see you stocking up on bonbons and alcohol.

Sherri said...


Did I mention Mark brought home cases of alcohol from the Bar Show?

Sweet Lily said...

oh, really?