Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review -- Forsaken by Shadow

He's this year's Ultimate Fighter, but ten years ago Gage Dempsey woke up in a cheap motel room with a big blank where his memory used to be. A beautiful fan turns out to be the girl from his past who could hold live flame -- and his heart -- in her hands. Now she needs his help to rescue her father from a fate worse than death. But can he recover his Shadow Walker skills before it’s too late?

I've been following Kait Nolan since finding her during Lynn Veihl's LB & LI last summer. Kait has completed and self-published her first novella -- YAY Kait! -- available now in E-format. About 158 pages, genre is Romance (man-woman) with a sub-genre of paranormal.

Super fast read -- but oh so worth it -- and perfectly paced, in my humble opinion. Nolan grabbed me on the first page and didn't let go till the last! I can't wait to read more of this world. Nolan has built a completely believable world within our own. She's masterfully breathed life into her characters. Wove a wonderful romance with the fight to save the heroine's father. The back story was blended so seamlessly I bow to Nolan's talent. Everything is beautifully layered and fully developed. Kait hit it out of the park on her first go. My only complaint...TOO short!

Run don't walk to pick this one up. You won't regret it. Forsaken by Shadow is available at Amazon, Scribd, and Smashwords

(hee, hee...didn't know this was the work I helped her on until I downloaded it and saw the acknowledgements...yep, that Sherri is me.)


Nicole said...

Don't you love seeing your name in print? I certainly do! (And the Nicole mentioned in the acknowledgements of Kelley Armstrong's "The Awakening"? Yours truly. Love it.)

Sherri said...

That's cool Armstrong's books. Hope you'll check out Kait's story!

Kait Nolan said...

Wow, thank you Sherri! I'm so glad you enjoyed FBS!

Sherri said...

You're welcome hurry up and write the next one, LOL