Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review -- Devil's Eye

Trouble. That’s what wolf-shifter Mick thinks when a beautiful woman appears in his New Orleans bar with a hurricane at her back. His first impression is confirmed when Sophie starts asking questions about his missing waitress, Liza. Mick will do anything to rescue a member of the pack he’s made for himself, including forming an unlikely alliance with a woman with a badge.
I've been following Kait Nolan for a few years now. Cheering her on during her path to self-publishing. And am likely bias.

Devil's Eyeis Nolan's second novella in the Mirus World and is a fast paced, race against time, read. I love her ability to use the least number of words, creating the greatest impact. The story stands alone, so don't worry if you're reading out of order. The Mirus series is turning into some kind of awesomesauce (a word I picked up from Kait, LOL).

We first met Mick in Nolan's Forsaken by Shadow and I'm so glad to see more of him. Devil's Eye takes place over a few hours so I felt the development between Mick and Sophie was appropriate. Their chemistry is a blend of "now is so not the time" and want. While Forsaken by Shadow was a paranormal romance, Devil's Eye is more of an urban fantasy though the groundwork was laid for romance between Mick and Sophie. I definitely want to read about their HEA (happily ever after)!

I didn't want the story to end, wanted that extra page at the end, and Nolan can't write the next installment fast enough!

Kait Nolan is offering Devil's Eye free when you sign up for her newsletter. Who doesn't like free? A wonderful way to try a new author and I don't think you'll be disappointed in Kait Nolan!


Maria Zannini said...

Yay for Kait!

Ciara said...

Great review. It makes me want to get the book right now and start reading. :)

Sherri said...

Yep Maria, Kait is becoming quite the indie guru :)

Sherri said...

Thanks Ciara, hope you will give her a try.

Nicole said...

Free is good! I'm looking forward to reading this one. Loved Forsaken by Shadow!

Sherri said...

Good stuff, I agree Nicole.