Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Where's your novel at?

Day 3 -- I managed to knock out 2950 words which put me back on schedule. Woot!  Amazing what one can do without kids running around screaming and fighting and trashing the house.  Plus, I put Jace and Reese's theme song on a loop, LOL.

Day 4 -- Knocked out 1928 words.  According to the stats on my NaNo page, I'm now 2 days ahead of schedule. Yeah, I like the sound of that a lot better.

Day 5 -- I did a Dark & Early writing session and got 1042 words.  Again I've fallen a bit behind but I'm still feeling good about where the story is going.

Day 6 -- Still behind but knocked out 1425 words today but the NaNo page shows I'm back on track...I'll take it, LOL

Day 7 -- I have no idea how I managed to write 2007 words considering the emotional roller coaster the day turned into but I did.

Day 8 -- I think the emotional overload hit.  I only got 675 words and each one was a battle.

Day 9 -- Much better day.  I got 1835 words and am calling that good for the day.

Sitting at a grand total of 14516 at the end of Day 9 which is about 500 shy of the 15003 I should have but I'm okay with that.


Nicole said...

Woo! Great progress! 500 words behind is so totally workable. Keep on goin'!

Sherri said...

Thanks Nicole!

Charlene said...

Wow Sherri. That is fantastic. You made wonderful progress & as I personally know your children that is saying a lot. Will they be home from school Thanksgiving week or only the usual 2 days? What about the Christmas holidays? Do you know a reliable teenager who can come entertain them during the holidays so you can continue writing?
Very proud of you for your writing perseverance.

Sherri said...

Thanks Mom. I've got a lot of catching up to do this coming week but the boys are in school all week so crossing fingers.