Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Vacation Highlights

On Sunday we went over to my sister's house. This is Blues. My niece, Helena, has been teaching him to spread his wings on the command of eagle. What's funny to watch is when he's practicing by himself, usually watching his reflection in the glass of the china cabinet, where he'll parrot "eagle" as he's lifting his wings.

Helena and Robbie making up some brownies...yum.

Meanwhile, I got in a great visit with Debbie.

No pictures of oldest nephew who was up in his room taking a scholarship test...can't believe he'll be starting university in the fall! The rest of the kids had fun playing indoors and out.

On Monday, I picked up nephew Jeremy from school so he could come to Grandma and Grandpa's for some play time with the boys. Of course, he had to hold the guinea pigs, LOL Here he is with Bear.

Robbie showing off his silly teeth from Saturday's Sunshine Pizza dinner.

And Ian showing off one set of his silly teeth.

BIL Paul came to pick up Jeremy and the boys made him hold the guinea pigs. Paul doesn't seem to know quite what to do with the critter, LOL

Today...go outside, play, run off some energy.

Hmm...don't think that's what I had in mind Cam-man.

That's more like it.

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