Thursday, March 18, 2010

The last bit of vacation...

We had snow mixed with the rain on Monday and Tuesday nights so I decided we needed to head home Thursday morning rather than evening. So we crammed in another visit with the Meyer side on Wednesday.

Cal kissing Maicie.

Maicie tickling Robbie.

Mom, because I realized I hadn't taken a single picture of her the whole trip, LOL

From Cam's camera --

Ian looking rather guilty about something. Hmm, what are you hiding behind your back, little man?

Cam's Lego ship.


From Alex's camera --


Wednesday night...not sure what Ian and I are high-fiving about, LOL

Alex's self-portrait.

From Ian's camera --

Catching Cam drawing while Cam was on a time-out.

Alex and Robbie playing with the Legos.

Aunt Debbie and Grandma holding the guinea pigs.

Ian's self-portrait...with goofy teeth.

Ian's friend, Daniel.

Ian taking a picture of Cam taking a picture. Actually, I love pictures like this.


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