Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh What Fun...

  • Once again we spent the day cleaning out the boys' rooms GRRR

  • Good thing it was garbage day today, LOL

  • On the plus side -- we got rid of 2 big garbage bags of toys to Goodwill, I've weeded out clothes, and the rooms are clean.

  • On the negative side -- we realize we need to repaint them and the carpet needs to be steam cleaned like no body's business!

  • In the process of taking the trash out to the curb, I noticed that we once again have a nest under the eaves.

  • I'm hoping the boys and I will be heading to Oregon tomorrow. Yay! This folks is one of the benefits of the boys being in a year-round school. Though why we'd want to leave our beautiful 70ish degree weather for what is likely a rainy, grey, early spring Oregon I don't know. LOL, yes I do, family and friends!! Love you guys.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

"Beautiful 70ish degree weather"? Sounds very like our standard early spring weather here too. I had considered Oregon for college (Washington too) but just couldn't swap the weather...