Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LB & LI Day Two

Another fascinating day of workshops. I'm especially enjoying the Pantser to Plotter series.

Not that I have any aspirations at this point to get published but it is certainly something that has always hovered in the background. When I do write: I find my characters, scenes, etc. have more depth and passion when I write "by the seat of my pants" (pantser) but the story usually gets bogged down or I get lost in tangents. The one time I wrote using a plot gave me a fuller story but the characters, scenes, etc. fall short and even with revisions never reached pantser quality. I don't seem to be able to combine the two forms into some happy medium I can work successfully with. So I'm really hoping to gain some insight during these workshops.


E-publishing and the Submission Process

Birds: with a nod to Mr. Hitchcock

Break through your fears and WRITE workshop - Part 1: meet your inner two year old


From Pantser to Plotter: My Problems with Pantsing

Word Count, Genre, Theme, and Prices on e-Books

Killer Campaign: Marketing Calendar

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