Friday, July 10, 2009

Bring on the Summer

Well, today was the last day of school for Cam and Alex. This morning they had an assembly for all the end of the year awards. All the paperwork that came home said the assembly started at 9:45, I got there about 10 minutes early so I could get a good place to take pictures...I wasn't early, the paperwork was wrong.

So I missed Alex getting his honor roll award but managed to stand near his class and get this picture. Way to go Alex! A-B Honor Roll all year long. We're so proud of you!

Alex also received an award for attendance (he only missed 3 days all year).

Alex showing off both his awards. Once back in his class he participated in a spelling bee and received a little certificate saying he took part. Then his class got to autograph each other's memory books, have a little pizza party, and watch a movie.

Cam receiving his A Honor Roll award. We're so proud of you for bringing your grades back up and finishing the year with solid A's. That's awesome, Cam!

Cam receiving an Academic Achievement award for a 10% Math Gain. This was a new award this year based on the CRT's. Considering Cam went from a C in the 2nd trimester to an A in the 3rd...a well deserved recognition. High-five Cam-Man.

Cam showing off his awards. Once back in class he received his final reading award, had an autograph period, and his teacher finished reading The City of Ember.

A local business man, the school's namesake, was at the assembly. He singled out each group of kids, parents, and teachers during his speech. He commented on how surreal it was to see 800 students walking around with his name, LOL.

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