Friday, July 3, 2009

Boys Should Come With...


Something along the lines of:

DO NOT open unless you wish to hear bodily function sound effects at the dinner table.


DO NOT open if you do not wish to be an acting referee for the rest of your life.

Or maybe:

DO NOT purchase if you do not wish to spend all your free time in hospital emergency rooms.

So last night at approximately 8pm, the boys were in the den watching TV, and Robbie had been full of beans all day. Somehow, Robbie managed to collapse a TV table onto Alex's head. The unfinished underside edge of the part set up to hold the legs in place clipped Alex's forehead. How he managed to get from the den to the kitchen with only one drop of blood on the carpet when the kitchen floor looked like a bloodbath I'll never know!

So off to the emergency room we went.

For the most part, the cut had stopped bleeding by the time we got to the hospital but I couldn't tell if he was going to need stitches or whether something like a butterfly bandage would do.

TWO stinking hours later (about 10:30pm) the doctor finally comes in and determines derma-glue was the ticket. So, Alex is now sporting a new cut, likely to end up as a new scar, and a patch of purplish glue holding it all together.

The patch of glue should come off by itself in 5 or 6 days.


marilyn said...

I guess they need to get their Badges of Merit before they get too old!

Love Mom/Grandma

Charlene said...

Oh Alex, OUCH! I bet that must have really hurt but I know you are big & tough & from the smile on your face in the picture I can see that you are taking the pain all in stride. Just remember to leave it alone so it can heal naturally. If you mess with it you may find yourself back at the emergency room again. I want to see another picture of you in a week or so with it all healed & NOT with stitches in it cause you wouldn't leave it alone. OK???
Love Nana
PS I still love you more.

Sherri said...

Nana must have a little bird talking in her ear! That is exactly what's going happen, LOL.