Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of School

Well, Ian is officially out of school for the summer!

As it was the last day of school, it was all play and no work.

Both the morning and afternoon classes joined for a bit of circle time then everyone went into the sanctuary for a pizza party.

Once the morning class left, the afternoon class had "water day" where a small wading pool and sprinkler were set up. Robbie was extremely lucky this past year, that Ian was in the smaller afternoon class, and was included in just about every activity the class did.

The official day wrapped up with a story, appropriately about going to kindergarten.

I have a great picture of Ian with his teachers but had to leave it out as I didn't ask them about putting it on the blog. Both teachers were wonderful and supportive and I know Ian loved being in their class.

We received a great packet of goodies from Mrs. Clausen -- a CD of pictures throughout the year, cards, Ian's writing samples from the beginning of school and the end, and a "diploma" -- and we have the assurances that Ian is ready for kindergarten from the last conference. (It's a good thing we see these ladies fairly regularly at church!)

I can't believe Ian will be starting kindergarten in a few short months!

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