Friday, January 2, 2009

The Wall

When we moved to the St. Helens house in 2003 I added a New Year's tradition of measuring the boys and marking the doorway between our kitchen and dining room. We firmly thought we would be in that house at least until the boys had grown and moved away. Of course, life got in the way. Before we moved I took some tracing paper and copied all the info. As crazy as it seems, those markings on the doorway were the hardest part of leaving that house.

This is just a scan of the picture but I love the border and wanted to post that version. The border is from the incredible ScrapbookPictures and I believe designed by the equally incredible Karen Russell.

I've continued the tradition here. Because we're in a rental, I've just taped up that strip of tracing paper and added the new info. Some comparisons that I noted this year:

  1. At almost 3 years old, Robbie is just a quarter inch shorter than Ian at that age and a full inch shorter than Alex. I find this interesting as Robbie had the highest birth weight.
  2. At 5 years old, Ian is exactly the same height as Cam was at that age.
  3. At 7 years old, Alex is exactly one inch taller than Cam was at that age and exactly one inch shorter than Cam was at age 8.
  4. I'm going to have to come up with something else for next year because, at this rate, Cam will be off my strip of tracing paper!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Hi there, love the photos of New Year's. The boys look great.
As for the tracings on the wall.... just add another piece of tracing paper above the existing one. I remember those days. They grow so fast.
Have a great day.