Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babies, oh my

Logan and his parents came by today (mostly so I could meet his Papa). Such a cutie!

They liked the vacant house next door. I'd love it -- perhaps more than they would -- if they called on it and moved in. *Crossing fingers here* I've so been missing the neighbors in St. Helens. There isn't anything like that here and that truly is the major downfall of living here.

They are such first time parents it's almost funny. I don't remember being that bad but perhaps I was. Hopefully, I fielded all their questions to their satisfaction. I'll draw up a contract so both of us are covered. Logan will be here next Thursday so his Mama can do all the return to work paperwork then start Monday the 2nd. I'm looking forward to having another baby in the house.

We also learned that Heather had her daughter on Saturday (she had been due the 25th which ironically was my due date according to the midwife). So Robbie and Madison (not sure of her correct spelling yet) get to share a birthday. Fun stuff.

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