Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The White Stuff

We woke up to fairly clear 38 degree weather. Ian had Creative Movement today which meant going to school an hour early. The snow started falling about 11:30 as we were getting ready to take Ian to school. And hasn't stopped yet! Now at 4pm we've got a healthy inch to inch and a half and sitting at 34 degrees. We're hoping we don't lose one of the trees out front.

Catching snowflakes.

Because I wanted to get pictures of Ian's little party I stuck around school a bit today. That, of course, netted me some snow pictures.

Back at the house, Robbie and I had a bit of a snowball fight while we waited for Cam and Alex to come out.

Perfect snowball snow!

Robbie just enjoying the snow.

Alex making a snowball.

Alex throwing a snowball LOL

Cam sliding down the driveway.

Cam dodging a snowball.

Mom actually asking the boys to throw snowballs at her so she can get a picture! LOL

Our 12 inch snowman.

When Mark went to pick up Ian at school (about a quarter to 3) the roads had a nice dusting. By the time he was on his way back to the house he was following in other cars' tracks! Mark is thinking he may not be going into work tomorrow...while we have chains for the Focus and are confident in our winter driving we don't have the same faith in others. We'll see, at least he has his laptop here and should be able to do a fair amount of work. The latest weather report is saying we should see 3 to 6 inches! I expect there will be many more snow pictures before this storm passes.

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