Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sorry...I've Been a Bad Blogger this Week

So to sum up...

The boys were all out of school both Monday and Tuesday for Veteran's Day...we did nothing special...but in remembrance

Hope you sent up a thought on Tuesday to all service personel...past...future...and most importantly present.

Wednesday...back to the grind. Ian missed school because he couldn't/wouldn't find his shoes. Deja Vu...didn't we do this just last year with Alex?

Ian's class will be releasing their butterflies on Monday...hopefully Robbie and I will be there to watch too.

Speaking of Alex...we finally got a good behavior report. It only took a three day week! *rolling eyes* We have parent/teacher conferences next Thursday. Alex got his first reading award this week too...ten hours! Way to go Alex.

I think I've forgotten to mention that Cam is on the student counsel at school. He has to go to meetings about every other week and report back to his class. Some weeks the counsel works with the PTA on projects. He's really enjoying this voyage into "government" and hopes to run for an office next year.

Yesterday, after dropping Ian off at school, Robbie and I went to a park so he could play while I met up with Lynn and her sister Tracy for a long overdue visit. I met Lynn on 2 Peas and we became online friends. She "introduced" me to Tracy who I also count as a friend. Love these ladies!

So here are some random Robbie at the park pictures:

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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