Monday, November 10, 2008

Celebrating Alex

We did our little family party for Alex on Saturday.

Alex had been hounding us for presents since Monday...I guess I was pretty good at keeping the ones that arrived in the mail a secret LOL

Happy to be ripping into the pile.

Flashing me one of his cheesy grins and saving the biggest present for last! (Hate using a flash...Alex looks like he's got Princess Leah hair LOL)

Ian, completely passed out in the background, missed the gift opening but woke up in plenty of time for cake. Cam was reading the card to Robbie but Robbie looks more interested in what Alex is getting ready to open.

Alex with his loot. (That Razor scooter has become the bane of my existence, and it's only been two days, because Robbie decided as soon as it was out of the box that it was his. I guess we know what we're getting him for Christmas LOL)

The cake...another ho-hum one. Guess it's a good thing the boys are just happy to have a cake and don't care over much what it looks like when there aren't any peers to worry about.

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