Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party Part Two

So today was the Halloween party at school for Cam and Alex. They do a little parade around the playground then it is up to each individual class if they do a party in the classroom afterwards.

Cam's class at the beginning of the parade route.

Alex's class at the beginning of the parade route. Alex's teacher was a fun is that costume!

In Alex's classroom after the parade for their party (because I went on the field trip with Cam I did the party with Alex) and because I was helping his teacher out I didn't get a lot of pictures. The party ended up being sugar and a movie LOL though there were healthy options.

Cam and Alex once we got home. I figured I had a picture from yesterday of Ian with Robbie so I needed one today of Cam with Alex. Scrapbooker thing I guess LOL Cam had wanted to be the Phantom of the Opera but we really didn't plan it well and this is what he got stuck with. Which is remarkably like the last two years of Scream...go figure.

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