Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fly Time

Okay...continuing Zone 1 today. Did you get yesterday's mission done? I did...yay for me.

FlyLady's Daily Reminder - Today is Errand day! (well not for me...Fridays are my Errand is my menu planning, grocery list making, prep for Friday's errands)

Kelly's mission:

Today we are going to go on a Trash hunt! Set your timer for15 minutes and spend 5 minutes in each area. Start with the front porch and gather up whatever needs to be tossed. Go to the entrance area next, look for the junk mail, newspapers, etc., that seems to accumulate here. Toss! Next head into the Dining Room, grab anything that is really trash but you just haven't noticed it. The stray napkins, magazines, junk mail, old school papers etc. You all know what seems to pile up! Go get it and toss it! Have Fun! Remember this is only 5 minutes in each area, do not get sidetracked or obsessed!

On your mark...get set...GO...

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Good for you! I've been such a slacker myself. I really need to start to "fly" again. It's fairly easy once you get the hard stuff out of the way. I just let myself go. Need to catch up. Thanks for sharing.