Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Grandparents Day at school.

Today we went over to Ian's class for a little celebration of Grandparents day...only one actual grandparent was there. We miss being close enough to the grandparents that they can join these kinds of things at school.

Mark got off from work a bit early so he could be there. He got to meet Ian's teacher for the first time and see the classroom.

We had a special grandparent story.

Wednesdays are chapel days so we went to chapel. We had a short bible study. Pastor used sand to talk about God breathing life into Adam.

Robbie was completely into the whole lining up and sitting quietly...

until the singing started LOL The music was too loud at first so Robbie came running to me then sat with Dad the rest of chapel.

Happy Grandparents Day...we know you were with us in spirit.

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Lynn Boyle said...

I'm so happy that Ian is doing pre-school now, i bet he feels like a big kid now. I miss you huys allot too. i am sorry Alex didnt play soccer. do they make them try out at there young age?