Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School ~ part three

The storm gates opened up just as I was getting ready to pick up Ian.

This is why we call this time of year monsoon season!

Ian loading his backpack at the end of class.

Ian loved his first day of school. He had a hard time telling me what all he did but he had a huge smile on his face and can't wait for Wednesday.

As the storm gods were still racking havoc, I drove down to the bus stop to meet Cam and Alex.

I spent my wait trying to catch a picture of the spectacular lighting show...sadly, no picture.

Love this...Cam and Alex so rarely run TO me any more!

Cam and Alex telling me all about their day. Alex thought it was great that I had some homework to do too LOL

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Lynn Boyle said...

I had a hard time getting lightening shots during monsoon in phx too. as you can see.... that was our best shot... really need that Nikon i told Dax... soon he says... miss those storms i love them especially because the rain is actually warm!LOL!
looks like the kids had a great day.. miss you all...l