Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The boy has goals!

This afternoon, Cam brought home an assignment he did in school...

*In five years I will start working half days.
*In ten years I will be in college.
*In fifteen years I will get married.
*In twenty years I will own a burger joint.

I can't say I had goals this firm in 3rd grade!

Continue reaching for your dreams Cam, you have the drive to see them all come true. I'm proud of you.


Charlene said...

Go, Cam, go. With determination & a little hard work you can accomplish all your dreams. Don't forget to serve onion rings at your burger shoppe. Watch out Wolfgang & Emeril, here comes Cam, the Burger-Man.
Love you

Lynn said...

Those are some incredible goals Cam has there. My 25 year old doesn't even have goals right now. Of course when he was younger he did. According to him I don't have to worry about being a grandmother until I'm at least 50.

Believe it or not Tracy does have some grass over there, lol. Her dh waters and tries to keep up with everyday.

The outdoor picture show sounds like a lot of fun.