Saturday, April 26, 2008


To go along with my improved scrappy area, I got to work today and did a couple layouts. Yay me! Had to share this one.

The only thumb sucker in the bunch and yes, he's got the tag to that blanket firmly in hand. Super simple page but I had to use that quote!

Still need to journal on the other layout I worked on today but this feels good. A quick tidy up and I'm off to bed. Have a great weekend!


Lynn Boyle said...

I like that one... Too cute like Tanner, I love the thumb suckers and was glad to have had at least one...

Hope your feeling better finally sent your bars sorry so long and was finally updating my blogger... hopfully more to come on a weekly basis.. we'll see

Lynn Boyle said...

I just realized you have another Lynn in your life, i was looking at a comment saying i don't remember saying that.. about the ER and realizing it's another Lynn.I have only made 1 trip to the ER (Tanner, broken wrist 2nd grade) i am positive there is more to come. unfortunitly.