Thursday, October 25, 2007


Cam's turn.

Yesterday he got home from school and elected to not to do his homework, he decided reading and watching SpongeBob was more important. While I'm thrilled he's enjoying reading...he ended up getting in trouble at dinner time and was sent to bed. He got up this morning whining about getting sent to "homework helper" (which I guess is just another way of saying he'd miss recesses until homework was completed).

He had his usual two pages of math to do...usually takes him about 15 minutes but took him close to a half hour this morning. He had 30 spelling points and spelling test studying to do...he managed to write a poem for 25 points before running off for the bus, I have no idea if he did another 10 points on the bus or not and I'm sure he didn't study so today's spelling test ought to be interesting.

Not sure why kids have to learn the hard way...oh well.

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