Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hair today gone tomorrow

So people have wondered about pictures:

Ian before...

This big chunk of missing hair is the reason Ian is now sporting a new doo.

Can you see the hunks of missing hair? Alex really worked poor Ian over with the scissors. At least when Cam did Alex's hair it was an all over butchering.

It was hard getting a good shot of Robbie's hair because it's so thin but I think you can see how he is also missing chunks of hair.


Ian after I took Mark's trimmers to can still see the bald spot in front but not quite as bad. Ian's actually loving this new doo. Maybe I should just save the money and buzz all the boys as needed LOL

Robbie doesn't have an after doo because I decided to just let his hair grow as best it can before I take him for his first official hair cut...need it long enough to get a lock for the scrapbook page.

Marilyn said...
So...would you say that they are always "getting into each other's hair"????

This is SO going to be the title of a scrapbook page LOL


Marilyn said...

Robbie sure looks like he's having fun! It is amazing what a simple box or toy can do for the imagination!

Seeing Alex in his undershorts makes me wonder how Ian is doing with potty training. With you being around all the time, it's probably easier to be consistent, than it was with various other people trying to stay on top of the situation.

Marilyn said...

Ian looks so-o-o different with his buzz cut. I'm not sure I would recognize him if I saw him on the street. I'm so used to his longer hair.

I would think that buzz cuts would be very appropriate in your hot climate.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mom & Dad