Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is it boys...

in general or is it just MY boys?

We had Cam and Alex cutting Alex's hair to get rid of the "curly locks" so Alex's hair would look more like Cam's...three weeks before Uncle Don and Aunt Emily's wedding. Guess it was a good thing Alex wasn't scheduled to be IN the wedding.

We've had more writing on the walls than I can count...even AFTER taking all of said writing materials away.

Today...Alex cut Ian's hair because he saw Ian cutting Robbie's hair. I'm NOT counting this as Robbie's first hair cut LOL

It's'll grow back. I'm not even horribly upset about it, just frustrated that they seem to always be getting into this kind of mischief.

Gotta love boys!

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Marilyn said...

So...would you say that they are always "getting into each other's hair"????

Did you get pictures?

We didn't have any boys, but I'm sure getting educated now!

Seems like there's never a boring moment.

Someday, Sherri, you'll have lots of material to write about "Growing Up Boys".

Mom & Dad/Grandma & Grandpa