Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Soon after we arrived and started the whole enrolling the boys in school we got a newspaper and in that paper was an article about Kids'n Power and the boys' new school! It is so cool that their school is working with the American Taekwando Association and promoting this program. The ATA is also coming out to the school once a quote the article "The school will work in conjunction with the martial arts studio to teach the students how to keep themselves safe through monthly martial arts demonstrations." and "It's a character program, to help them learn how to be better citizens." Each demonstration will have a theme like responsibility and respect.

At the school's Open House people from the ATA were there signing kids up for a free seminar. This evening the boys (less Robbie) and I went to the Kidz'n Power seminar. Which actually was more like a mini lesson. We were taught a few break-away moves and got to practice them. We were given an Amber Alert packet for each of the boys, the boys got a DNA swab and tooth impression done by a sponsoring dentist, we received a DVD set about keeping the kids safe (in person and online) and the Taekwando moves that we worked on tonight. On top of that the boys get 4 weeks of free Taekwando lessons.

I'm not sure if Ian will take advantage of the free lessons or not at this was hard to keep his mind on what was going on tonight. Alex was distracted because he was hungry...completely his own fault as he didn't want to eat what I made for dinner. Cam was very much into it. Both Cam and Alex seemed to grasp the moves though Alex became shy when he needed to shout out.

Imagine that...the one time they are encouraged to shout they lose their voice LOL

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