Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday


Hope the weather was nice and you got to run the trains. Love you. Miss you.

Mark, Sherri, Cam, Alex, Ian & Robbie


Lynn said...

Sherri, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your comment was so sweet.
Happy Birthday to your dad!
When my kids were little I took them to ATA classes, but to be honest they just didn't seemed interest in it. So they only stayed for a few months. I hope your boys will love it.
Hey,,, I just noticed that you live in Las Vegas! Where in Las Vegas? I'm there 2 times a year and my whole family and my oldest son live there. Maybe we will get to have coffee my next trip.

Doug said...


Thanks for the neat B'Day wishes.

Our weather has been fantastic but I have hugely busy with Barbershop stuff so not much train time.
We have joined Rose City Garden Railroad Society and have attended a couple of open houses with another due 9/9. We are having some neat Garden railroaders for dinner and idea exchange on Sept 8. Thus we are in a mad effort to get this place cleaned up!

Thank you for the floor plans. I now have a much better idea of your digs.

I have a special lead section rehearsal this evening. No rest for the wicked, especially the seventy year old ones!

Love, Dad