Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review -- The Road to Shanhasson

Joely Sue Burkhart was super generous and sent me a copy of The Road to Shanhasson, the second book in the Shanhasson Trilogy. Currently, this is only available as an E-book. (Published July 2009 by Drollerie Press -- approximately 302 pages) Genre is Romance (man-woman) with sub-genres of fantasy and erotica.

Shannari has survived her enemies’ plots long enough to return to the Plains with Rhaekhar, but their new life together will not be easy. First, she has to get through a wedding ceremony that will make both him and his personal guard, Gregar, her co-mates…without anyone dying. Since both she and Gregar are Shadowed, that may prove to be an impossible feat.

Tensions redouble with her return and Rhaekhar is further away than ever in uniting the Nine Camps of the Sha’Kae al’Dan. His enemies have the perfect weapon to use against him: his outlander woman.

And no matter how far she is from the political–and deadly–waltz of the High Court, her destiny drags her step by reluctant step to Shanhasson. The road back to Shanhasson is thick with shadows and stained with blood. How many of her loved ones will die in her fight to claim the Rose Crown?

Road picks up where Rose left off. Once again Burkhart's world building was vibrant. Fully-realized cultures from their myths to present day.

I lived a lifetime between these pages! Laughing. Crying. Loving. Dying. I laughed at Rhaekhar's wicked sense of humor (at the inn) when Shannari's father meets her Blood (personal guard) -- he seriously channelled Gregar! I cried as my heart broke along with Shannari's. I squirmed in delight when Rhaekhar, Shannari, and Gregar's love culminated into the menage a trois hinted at in book one. And don't worry if that's not your usual thing because Burkhart does it tastefully without losing the sizzle. There was some roughness between Gregar and Shannari though I didn't feel it was abusive within the scope of their relationship.

These characters -- these people -- are as real to me as my husband or best friend. Their world as real as the one outside my door. But Burkhart doesn't stop there. She blends in a life and death struggle that fits perfectly within the world she breathed life into.

A definite must read recommendation here! The third book, Return to Shanhasson, should be out in E-format soon. Note: If you don't like blistering hot sex, and lots of it, then you should give this a pass. Though I think you'd be sorry if you did.

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GutterBall said...

I wholeheartedly agree, and not just because she's my sister. These people are as real to me as anyone else. I've known them a long time, you see, and even the hateful foes have grown on me. *grin*