Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Holiday...

Christmas Eve ~

Our wreath on the front door with the "Santa Key" added. The Santa Key was something I found while shopping for Cam's first Christmas as we didn't have a fireplace back then it was perfect...I had almost packed this away for good (AKA scrapbooked it LOL) because we didn't need it in St. Helens. Well, I am glad I never got around to it because it has come in handy at this house!

I never did get around to making my Butter Tarts. Christmas sweets definitely lacked this year for me.

For a "lean" Christmas that looks like an awful lot of presents LOL

Santa made it safe and sound ~

He must have really liked those cookies!

Ian's loot.

Alex and Cam's loot. As much as I promised Alex I'd have his stocking done for this year it just didn't happen. My goal now is to finish it by New Year's so I can get started on Ian's.

Robbie's loot.

Mark's family had a tradition of the kids waiting for the parents before they could check things out. My side, we kids were allowed to get into the Santa gifts before waking the parental units. Of course, there are tons of stories about how that all happened...right Uncle Keith? At least, we don't change the time on the clocks LOL Anyway, I digress, it was important for Mark that we continued his tradition of having the kids it's become mine to make sure to grab that first photo of the morning. In this house it's a bit of torture for the boys as I make them sit on the stairs where they can see but not touch the Santa gifts!

Checking out the Santa gifts!

Christmas Morning ~

Ian trying out his scooter.

More stocking and Santa stuff

Ian opening his Christmas and gift card from Nana and Papa.

Robbie with his new puppy from Grandma and Grandpa.

From Alex's camera...introducing "Buffy"

Ian opening some PJ's from the McCaws. These even came with a little overnight cool!

Cam and Alex got cameras from G&G Watson, the Beckhams, and the McCaws!

From Cam's camera...because the cameras are identical we took a picture of the owner to tell them apart.

From Alex's camera...Santa was even on the ball and gave each of them a camera case (in different colors).

Robbie checking out his new Rocket toy from the Beckhams. Not sure what Cam's doing there LOL

Our big gift to the boys is a trampoline. Unfortunately they were out of stock by the time Mark was able to get over there so I made up a little scroll so they would know it was coming. We should have it mid-January. We're all excited and can't wait to set it up for a major bouncing bunch of fun.

From Alex's camera... Robbie showing Alex a pair of his new PJ's.

From Cam's camera...Alex and Robbie trying to figure out all the cool things Rocket can do.

Alex and Cam opening the new family popcorn maker. They had burned out the motor on the old one a few months ago.

From Cam's camera...Ian showing off his Jedi skills.

From Alex's camera...Robbie talking with one of the Grandparents.

And Christmas Dinner ~

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marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. I'm glad you had a good Christmas morning and the gifts were all so well received.

Love you all.
Grandpa & Grandma