Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ian's Birthday

A little late in posting these...sorry! Ian turned 5 on Sunday. It wasn't until we were halfway through the day that I realized Ian had been born on a Sunday too.

The loot, that had been winking at Ian for days. Always have to be careful to make sure birthday presents don't get mixed up or wrapped as Christmas ones! (As it is, I may have goofed on the which was which from the Beckhams LOL)
Ian wanted to go to the park for his birthday and as it was a nice day that's just what we did.

We took his presents to the park to open after a quick lunch of KFC. Ian had wanted to have pizza and cake at the park as well as but that was more work than Mom wanted to do. So the pizza and cake were saved for dinner.

Opening up the gifts.

Showing some gifts off.

Checking things out.

Ian had received a gift card from Nana and Papa so we stopped at the store on the way home from the park. Ian picked up that Little Einsteins play set and the car. So here's the loot.

The cake. (First one I haven't made since moving here.) Mark and Ian had some one-on-one time and picked up the pizza and cake.

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