Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grownup time

I managed to connect up with an online acquaintance this morning for coffee. WOW was I in need of some grownup time away from the kids. Love my boys but without the work outlet and without babysitting options getting out to make friends has been hard. Heck, I haven't joined the PTA or been able to get to a PTA meeting because of scheduling challenges.

This acquaintance and I have been chatting online for a couple weeks now and when I realized Mark would be home I emailed her about getting together today. It worked out well...except for my getting turned around on the way to the Starbucks we were meeting at. So I ended up being about 1/2 an hour late...glad you waited Danielle.

In the same vain...I've joined a couple Meetup groups. A parents one and a scrapbook/stamping one...hope to be able to get out to a couple of those meetings each month. This neighborhood just isn't like Parkwood where everyone spent time outside and you'd stop and chat at the mailbox or outside while watching the kids play...miss that.

This SAHM thing is harder than it looks...LOL

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